New ground has been broken in the empowerment of women in Antigua and Barbuda, and the West Indies Oil Company has been at the forefront of those efforts. The company has walked the walk as an equal opportunity employer, fueling the professional development of an impressive cadre of female employees, who have welcomed the opportunity to shatter the glass ceiling.

The management of the Friars Hill-based oil storage and distribution entity says this has been particularly evident over the past two years, as it accelerates the development of its human capital.

WIOC knows that its strength rests with a committed and competent group of employees who are willing to unlearn and relearn in an age of dynamism and the wonders of technological innovation. Never before in the organization’s history has there been such an enabling environment for all employees, irrespective of age and gender, to fulfil their true potential. The company is heartened to see that increasing numbers of women have answered this clarion call to serve in various capacities. This is even more impressive since female professionals are making a foray into areas hitherto dominated by their male counterparts.

WIOC is proud to be among the most progressive companies in its approach to female empowerment. The upshot has been an uptick in the number of females entering management positions, as well as Engineering, Finance and Terminal Operations. This has been buttressed by a culture of inclusivity and excellence in which all employees are motivated and encouraged to extend the boundaries of the possible and the probable.